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Have you been gifted with a creative eye?

Put your talent to good use!

When you’re passionate about something you really put your heart and soul into it

Have an eye/ interest in creative? A hobbie you do outside of work? You have a degree in graphic design or digital related? When you’re passionate about something, you put your heart and soul into it. So why don’t you put your talent to use.

You’ll currently be in recruitment, with a minimum 4 months experience – you don’t need to be from the sector. With all the right tools and support,you’ll become a 360 recruiter that will be walking into HOT clients. Credible path ways awaits you, with pure time and investment given into your individual training.

You’ll be fresh thinking, and will have a personality to match this highly sociable, friendly and down to earth bunch.

The company you’ll join has been established for 20 years, is truly one of the original creative recruitment businesses, with fantastic modern offices – and regional offices within the UK now too.

You’ll earn between £20-28k plus a great commission scheme too which is monthly AND quarterly.

So if you feel as though you’re in the wrong sector and would like to break into the creative industry, and truly love what you do, get in touch!

Shannon@quirecruitment / 07799 282871

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