Why I think (perm) recruiters should reverse the recruitment model.

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ever since the beginning of time, recruitment has followed a process quite simplistically
summarised as:
Win client
Take job on
Map the market and then:
Search candidate database
Arrange suitable interviews
and so on…..
Me myself and I
I worked like this myself in my first two recruitment roles- placing perm engineers into automotive
and process led sectors- in fact I headhunted over 50% of my candidates to fulfil the clients brief.
My second role was setting up a cold desk into advertising sectors and again, this was
headhunting and networking the best “suits and creatives” I could find for my clients. It worked well
and in both roles I was “top biller” due to my proactive prowess and ability to network well- also
gaining 70% of my placements through referrals.
Shoes or boots on other foot
However, once I had journeyed into the heady heights of R2R (by accident!) in 2002, I realised
there was a better way of running my desk- by actually governing my desk from the candidates
needs and requirements rather than simply focusing in on “filling a job spec”
And in fact, when I set up my own R2R business in 2005, this was my mission – “to find the best
recruiters their next best career move” remains the unique proposition in the market.
Win win win!!
Why aren’t more perm recruiters running their desks in the same way? What are the advantages of
running your desk this way for both parties and subsequently will make the recruitment consultant
benefit ultimately too?

Candidates/Job seekers-
Focusing the career search on your current skills and motivators

discretion and confidentiality for your anonymity
Only meeting potential employers which match your criteria
If you are time poor, saving your time only meeting companies that YOU want to meet
Having a brand ambassador in your market – the recruiter you have engaged will let you know
about the passive candidates they are meeting/speaking
Only meeting candidates who actually WANT to be sat in front of you
Time poor decision makers only meet those where there is a good  for both

In a congested market, you will get better fees if you are adding true value to your paying client
portfolio! So instead of scrapping around filling jobs at 10% alongside all of your competitors with
10% of placing them- you increase your chances by engaging the top talent in your market and
charging clients a higher rate for introducing them exclusively
Time are a-changing
As most growth markets become talent short, the truth is that any savvy recruiter will become

candidate focused in their mindset; this does not mean a compromise on the needs of the client-
far from it.

I sometimes wonder how this model isn’t more common place particularly amongst the recruitment
community which is already championing the employer branding and candidate journey.
Customer experience
Remember, good recruiters will ensure that everyone is regarded as their customer- regardless of
their badge (think how many times a hiring client has proverbially shut the door and said “can you
help me in my career too?”
What do you think? Could this work in all perm markets? What would be the disadvantages to you?